1. When you are looking for a silver jewellery look for STERLING SILVER WITH .925 STAMP ON IT.

2. Look for Gold or Rhodium Plated Silver (or it can be both)

3. Ask the jewellery how many coats of plating does the jewellery have

4. Check how many grams the jewellery weighs

5. If there are any CZ stones ask how they were paved

6. Check on the quality of the CZ Stone. It is as important as if you are buying diamonds. Check the grade of the Cubic Zirconia. It can be from A grade up to AAAAA grade and up to Signity grade (highest quality of gemstones cuts that Swarovski uses till today).

So if you have this list in check you will end up purchasing a relatively high quality ring that will last not for 1 year but up to 10 years and more. It will be well worth spent money when everyone compliments your gorgeous ring.