Getting the right wedding ring size

Getting the right wedding ring size

Is My Wedding Ring Too Big?

Ring size is an important part of buying a wedding ring. Many people skip this part.There are many ways to measure your ring size.

Not all ring lend themselves to resizing, at least not without quite a bit of money.. This means if you don’t buy an accurate size to start with, you are unfortunately stuck with that ring unless you want to replace that ring completely. Obviously, replacing the ring isn’t ideal.

The goal is to make sure the ring is a good, comfortable fit right to avoid having to resize it at all.

Common Mistakes in Sizing a Ring

Is it better to size up or down? Unfortunately you will not find a ring that will fit perfectly, no matter how close you get to the correct size. The ring might have been a perfect fit when you tried it on, but then as you wear it, changes in the size of your finger throughout the day will impact how well it fits.

Fingers Swell and Shrink

Your weight will change and fluctuate all the time. A ring you tried on Saturday may not fit nearly as well on Tuesday, maybe after a weekend of over-indulgence. Salt causes water retention, as does dehydration. Weather changes can also change the size of your fingers. Hot weather tends to cause your hands (and fingers) to swell in size, whereas cold weather causes your fingers shrink in size. So, a ring that fits great in the summer may be a little loose fitting in the winter.

Forgetting Width and Design Matter

There are a lot of things that contribute to a good fit with a wedding ring, including how wide the ring is and the style of the design. Wider rings take up more space on the finger, which means they will need to be larger than a thinner band in order to fit well.

If you’re buying a ring for a woman, some women wear multiple rings on one finger. This means the ring must be larger in size, just as if it was a wide banded ring. Some people forget to take these things into account, and then they find the ring doesn’t fit as well as it had originally.