MAN UP's theory on mens jewellery

MAN UP's theory on mens jewellery

A story from a man who’s MANNED UP…

Becoming a jewellery clad man is a choice that dances a fine line between too much and not enough. If a man alters his basic traditional appearance to Mr. T, questions will be asked and stares will be cast in his direction. So how should a masculine figure complement his style with jewellery…


Men are stereotypically seen as the more rugged gender - tough skin, hardened eyes, and overall bigger bodies. So when it comes to choosing a piece of jewellery as a man, make sure to think about how YOU look in the piece and not that jacked model in the picture your girlfriend is ogling. Creating this image of "manly-man" requires selection of stylish (not over-stated), hefty (but not a bangle) and colour (not pastels)

Preparing to MAN UP….

Once you've decided between titanium, tungsten or stainless, style of the accessory is the most important factor to be able to wear men's jewellery successfully. If you are a small featured man, bulk up your features by going with a simple, yet stylish look, or a combined selection of ring and bracelet. While on the other side of the scale, a thicker man needs to complement his already imposing stature with a small selection of hefty pieces. Basically, a grunty ring and bracelets (not a sweat band).Avoid thin chains that make it seem as though you are wearing your mom's jewellery.

MAN UP complete

Selecting men's jewellery can be a daunting task without the proper guide, but following these simple suggestions will give you the ability to round out whatever clothes you put on next! So the most important points to keep in mind and ask yourself when deciding to advance your appearance are as follows:

If you look better than your sister, please read again from the top…..