Quick Guide on How to Start Wearing Rings for Men

Quick Guide on How to Start Wearing Rings for Men

Quick Guide on How to Start Wearing Rings for Men

If you admire men who wore rings with confidence, then maybe its time to start purchasing a collection of men’s rings for your wardrobe.It’s hard to ignore men’s rings as part of fashion, so many men are opting to wear rings these days (apart from the wedding ring).If you are seriously thinking about adding to your jewellery collection, maybe start off buying rings that are inexpensive. There are a multitude of different style rings for men out there.You can pick up steel men’s rings for around $40 to$50, then tungsten for around $130, titanium rings are slightly more expensive at over $200.Start with these metals first to see how you like wearing rings, then you can possibly move to a more expensive style ring.

Here are some rules that you can take away with you before your purchase your first ring.

1.Simple and round rings are better combined with other rings (apart from your wedding ring of course).You can mix and match the rings and see how you feel on the day.

2.Square and geometric rings are more masculine. These rings are usually signet rings or biker rings.

3.If this is your first ring purchase, maybe start plain. It is better to purchase a plain ring rather than a large blingy ring and regretting it later.It’s best to get used to wearing a ring for starters.

4.Have a think about what colour ring you like.There are plenty out there to choose from.

5.Start slowly.Concentrate on maybe one or two rings on one hand at a time.Pinky rings are very popular as are thumb rings.

6.Make sure your rings match your other jewellery accessories.For example, make sure your ring matches your bracelet.Leather bracelets go well with any style ring.